📚Handbook of the Wealth

Clotba Lottery Platform was created with a vision to provide an equal life-changing opportunity for all crypto investors big and small, all around the world. Clotba Sunday lottery is drawn every week giving away the pooled prize to one lucky participant/supporter of the project.

Based on the principles of fair play, the Clotba Lottery Platform is;


The platform's complete decentralization makes it self-contained, autonomous, encrypted, and yet fair. A confirmation of their entry is sent to participants via an automatic response. Winning tickets are instantly deposited to the winner's wallet following each Sunday draw, assuring ease and confidence.


Clotba brings a robust, smart, and innovative strategy to community-focused tokenized lotteries by introducing creative methods to participate through fair pooling. Due to our vast experience in the lottery business and our excellent track record in pioneering tokenized solutions, we have a unique way to develop and modernize this initiative.


Anyone with Internet access and a cryptocurrency wallet can participate. Inclusiveness and equality are really important to us in a heavily segmented world even among crypto enthusiasts and believers. The downside of other pooled giveaways is the fact that you need to keep buying lottery tickets/new entries every time to get in. With Clotba, our appreciation of investors holding their tokens gets them infinite entries and equal chances every single week.

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