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The Latest Cryptocurrency Lottery Platform that values Equal Opportunity AND earns you BNB!
Clotba is the Equalizer Tokenized Lottery Platform that is audited, reliable and fair. Clotba is addressing the problem of a fair game; that is what most tokenized entities (centralized or decentralized) are lacking. With “privileged” crowds and influencers alike leading the game to their own benefit, finally, a project is launched that is free of the rat race, gold-rush, and influencer disinformation.
“Best of All: Set it and Forget it for Infinite Chances to WIN!”
Clotba was designed with the sole idea and dedication to empowering all who believe they deserve a chance! We are here to provide equal chances for all to have access to life-changing wealth! All you ever need to do is to invest your spare change in Clotba tokens and be in the weekly draw every week automatically, a lottery can’t get any better or more fair!
Entering the Clotba Tokenized Lottery Platform offers three major opportunities for its investors:
• Weekly chance of winning the lottery (if you don’t, you are re-entered automatically as long as you hold your tokens).
• Earn BNB with your Clotba.
• Set it and forget it! No staking/unstaking fees or downloading just another wallet nor moving your coins through a bridge to have the same benefits promised to you in the very beginning.