🎡How Does it work?

CLOTBA Contract accumulates the fee first and it waits for someone to make a transaction, there is one transaction per week that can run the lottery, cooldown resets on Sunday at the time specified. When the lottery is run it takes a list of holders eligible for the lottery (more than 10 tokens - the more tokens means the more chance to win) and looks for their balances, and is choosing a winning Wei, the person who holds it is the winner. Contract sends awarded BNB automatically.

Clotba has integrated a unique contract to bring provable randomness to the Clotba Tokenized Lottery Platform. Integrating industry-leading technology provides us all with access to a tamper-proof random number generator (RNG) that selects the winning wei every Sunday.

This creates a transparent and trustless user experience for users knowing that they can easily verify that the results are fair thanks to the smart contract tech.

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