📌General information

Millimac Pools

Contract: https://bscscan.com/address/0x5a71ee86c5bcc5c595c9ceb60dc8f03c39dfc117

The system is activated through BNB deposits. Each wei corresponds to one lottery ticket. The smart contracts will send the prize to the account of the winning wei. The lottery will be activated automatically when the pool is exhausted. The deployment will also be automatic.

a. Ticket distribution (according to % weight of the pool total):

• 0-10% : 4 tickets

• 10-20%: 3 tickets

• 20-50%: 2 tickets

• Remainder: 1 ticket

If there is a reference address, the ref will also get extra tickets (1% of the tickets ). This amount is not deducted from the buyer wallet's tickets.

There is always the option to withdraw from the lottery. When this is the case, 10% of the deposited amount will be deducted as a withdrawal fee and the remainder is deposited back to the user. Of the 10%, half of these opt-out fees are sent back to Clotba staking contract, and the rest is taken as a service fee.

Each pool's lottery will run after the pool's target balance has been reached. After the lottery draw pool will start to collect new funds for the next lottery draw.

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