All potential risks associated with the Clotba Pooled Lottery Platform, as well as all material available in this whitepaper, the related documentation, and all content available on our web and social media channels, must be carefully considered and evaluated by potential purchasers of Clotba tokens.

Because all projects carry a certain amount of investment risk, the effect and results of Clotba Pooled Lottery Platform operations could be materially and detrimentally affected if any of these uncertainties, risks, or problems materialize. In the event of one of these occurrences, you may lose some or all of the value of your Clotba tokens.

This whitepaper is not an offering statement of any type, and it is not designed to represent a solicitation for financial investment or an offer of securities in any country.

The material presented in this whitepaper hasn’t been reviewed or evaluated by a regulatory authority. Regulatory authority evaluations are different to project audits. If you have any unanswered questions about the Clotba Pooled Lottery Platform after reading the whitepaper and the Clotba website, please contact our team directly, we will be happy to answer all questions in our highest capacity

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